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Industry Progress on ESG: April 2022

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022
In today’s blog, we look back at the many meetings that we have had with fund groups discussing ESG. Although we review ESG as part of our overall fund research approach, we also survey managers to gain a wider industry perspective. The findings are increasingly positive.
In early 2021 we released our Climate Change Pledge and made this commitment: "We commit to being carbon negative across our business, both currently and retrospectively (since the launch of our business in 2010)." In January 2022, we met our goal of being carbon negative (20% negative) and have recovered all carbon spent since our inception, too. Besides altering our behaviour, we decided to purchase offsets that were local to our area and that involved our local community.

We also take our role in the wider industry very seriously. We're passionate about encouraging carbon neutrality (and eventually carbon reduction), sustainable investment, improved corporate governance, improving broader environmental and social issues and the responsible allocation of capital. See our range of ESG services here.
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