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Fundhouse started in 2007 and is an independent, owner managed firm providing specialised investment advice to our customers. We are a multiple award winning research firm, with strong expertise in fund manager research, asset allocation and portfolio construction. We separate out investment clarity from all the noise, by offering unambiguous, well researched investment opinions, delivered by owners. Our ambition is to be a force for good in financial services and our mission is to enable as many end clients to retire with dignity as possible.

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Mega Mergers

Friday, 25 Aug 2017
The recently announced fund group mergers appear to be placing the investment industry on a path where we have fewer, larger competitors. Should clients be excited by this trend: a world where active investment management firms see size and scale as the next big advantage?

Our Awards

We were humbled to receive top industry awards for our manager research in both 2016 and 2017.
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