This is a service offered to professional clients only and is regulated by the FCA (please see our website footers for various important policies and our regulation status).

We offer our clients discretionary, advisory and sub-advised services as part of this service. We offer both house view and bespoke model portfolios. The bespoke model portfolios are for clients that need a tailored set of model portfolios, meaning that each model portfolio is uniquely theirs. For the house view model portfolio clients, we offer a set of model portfolios based on our best house view at that point in time.

Our service is available to a limited number of financial advisers because we see this as a hands-on proposition, with tailored reporting, integrated ESG and backed by resource-intensive manager research and institutional quality asset allocation. We have a long history of running model portfolios and have strong operational support and infrastructure. This service is largely aimed at financial advisers, charities and wealth managers and our model portfolios are available on most wrap platforms.


Our Two MPS Offerings

Both make use of our award-winning investment research platform and are designed with our core principles in mind:

Institutional fee, high conviction, co-branded, backed by a hands-on, experienced team.

Why Fundhouse?

Bespoke or House View MPS

Your portfolios will be run by an owner-managed team who pride themselves on following a rigorous process backed by detailed investment research and high-conviction views.

Who is Involved
The investment team is headed by Rory Maguire, co-founder and an investor with over 20 years of investment experience. Rory is ably supported by the experienced and multi-award-winning investment research team of seven investment professionals who average over 10 years of investment experience.

Our Investment Process

Our process is long term and we perform comprehensive research in both our fund selection and asset allocation.

We employ an average of 14 funds per model portfolio, which is well diversified but still high conviction. We tend to be contrarian, focusing on long-term valuations and corporate fundamentals.


Our MPS is available on the following platforms. We are also happy to add our MPS to other platforms for you.