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In early 2021, we started to publish summarised opinion pieces on the research we are undertaking, focused on manager research and asset allocation and these are shown below. Our goal is to provide insights and investment clarity in under a page. We expect to write these one-pagers when we have something insightful to comment on, rather than sticking to specific monthly or quarterly publishing cycles. If you would like to sign up, please do by clicking here, but remember this is designed for professional investors only.

Increased fund manager M&A

As part of our manager research process for a given fund, we will evaluate the corporate entity employing the investment team. Over the last five years, our team has had to focus more ...

Limited evidence of TAA skill

In this article, we explore whether there is persistency in tactical asset allocation skill, by evaluating the evidence we have on asset managers we have assessed.

Expensive credit markets

In this article, we discuss how the historic low yields we are seeing in credit markets today does not seem to reflect the risk in the underlying corporate fundamentals.